Sunday, November 3, 2013

Gail Borden was a key figure in the Texas Revolution. He even printed the original Declaration of Independence for the Republic of Texas. Later he went on create the modern diary industry. That's what interested Willy Longhorn. In the list of cow heroes, Borden ranks right up there near the top. That's a real Texas. The monument is where Borden's house was located in Galveston (he also laid out he original streets for both Galveston and Houston.) That was one busy Texas.

Willy The Texas Longhorn
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See how Willy saves Christmas in Texas by painting his horns florescent blue and flying Santa’s sleigh across Texas:

“Once upon a Christmas Eve, down in the Lone Star State, 
Something special happened then, on that partic’lar date….

Willy the Texas Longhorn, his horns a glowing blue, 
Led Santa through the Texas fog, and all the kids there knew, 
They’d wake up in the morning, with happy Christmas smiles, 
’Cause Willy helped ol’ Santa fly across those Texas miles.

Mooeee . . . Christmas."

See Willy Longhorn travel across Texas on his way to Christmas.

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