Thursday, October 17, 2013

Willy Longhorn Visits Austin Dance Torupe

Can a Longhorn Fly?

Most people don't think longhorns can fly, much less dance. Willy Longhorn visited the friendly dance troupe for Midsummer Night's Dream in Austin where he had a great time at the yoga session. See more of him at Special thanks to Gloria and Angela Irving, Jason Cohen & Cameron Contour. See the video at

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See how Willy saves Christmas in Texas by painting his horns florescent blue and flying Santa’s sleigh across Texas:

“Once upon a Christmas Eve, down in the Lone Star State, 
Something special happened then, on that partic’lar date….

Willy the Texas Longhorn, his horns a glowing blue, 
Led Santa through the Texas fog, and all the kids there knew, 
They’d wake up in the morning, with happy Christmas smiles, 
’Cause Willy helped ol’ Santa fly across those Texas miles.

Mooeee Christmas."

See Willy Longhorn travel across Texas on his way to Christmas.

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