Monday, November 18, 2013

Willy Longhorn Visits The Alamo

There is no bigger Texas icon than the Alamo. It is the heart of everything that is Texas, and the place were Texas dreams were born. Willy Longhorn visited there with his friends Andrew and Ashley. The story of the Alamo reminds Willy why "you can't tell a Texan they can't 'cause they believe they can." 

“Once upon a Christmas Eve, down in the Lone Star State, 
Something special happened then, on that partic’lar date….

Willy the Texas Longhorn, his horns a glowing blue, 
Led Santa through the Texas fog, and all the kids there knew, 
They’d wake up in the morning, with happy Christmas smiles, 
’Cause Willy helped ol’ Santa fly across those Texas miles.

Mooeee . . . Christmas."

See Willy Longhorn travel across Texas on his way to Christmas.

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