Sunday, August 10, 2014

Review of Lucky Song by Vera B. Williams

Lucky Song by Vera B. Williams
Greenwilliow Books
The 1998 Charlotte Zolotow Award Winner

Evie is about to have a great day. She wants to do something and, after getting dressed,  that something turns out to be flying a kite, with help from grandpa. It flies into the wind and Evie sees how high it can fly. Her mother looks admires the kite. The day progresses back at home where grandma has supper ready. Sister welcomes her home with a warm hug and her father makes the day complete by singing her a song about everything she’s done.

This is a great family time book that is like comfort food. Not every day is a perfect day where everything goes right, but there are some of those days, and this book celebrates one of those. The father’s song recaptures the experience from the beginning. Isn't it great fun to remember such a day, and to know that some stories are ones that comfort and make us happy.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Vera B. Williams is a writer and illustrator born in 1927. She is best known for her book A Chair for My Mother published in 1982. She has authored fifteen books and illustrated three more.  Other awards include as a nominee for the 2004 Hans Christian Andersen Award and as recipient of the 2009 NSK Neustadt Prize for Children's Literature.

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